Comments from the last 'Understanding Islam' Seminar

"I enjoyed all that was presented-I was in awe that Gary presented so much in such an outstanding way. I would change nothing!"

"I enjoyed EVERYTHING. Make it longer! Gary always makes his subject come alive! Have him teach more!"

"Breadth of topic - Gary is GRRREAT! Make it longer. More Gary Lankford classes!"

"Gary - very good delivery - a man with a passion for teaching. I will attend other classes of yours. Thanks."

"Very factual, lots of extra resources. Make it longer! Great class! Gary is an excellent teacher - well equipped, knowledgable, excited, interesting."

"I knew nothing about Islam, really enjoyed learning. Wish it was longer! Gary, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much."

"Information very helpful. Make it longer! Gary is a tremendous teacher, well prepared."

"Topic is fascinating. Gary was terrific at teaching this material. Thanks for all your time and effort, Gary!!! Offer this course and others like it again!"

"Very clear and understandable. He had a good relationship with the class, we got to answer questions and ask them. More time!! There were many handouts - great so that everyone could write down notes, take something home, 'go back' to it."

"So informative! Make it longer. Excellent class! Easy to participate!"

"Enjoyed everything. Would change nothing. Like to see additional classes on other major world religions."

"Excellent info and insight. Good practical application on how we can use this knowledge. Really enjoyed the class."