Comments from the last 'Spectacular Marriage' Conference

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Here’s what husbands said about out our last Spectacular Marriage conference:

Great information presented in a manner that kept it enjoyable.

Open, frank, and scripturally sound.

I found out it’s okay and even good to have conflict.

It was informative and practical. Down to earth.

Good session on conflict. We all need to talk about it because we all have it. Gave us ideas on working through issues.

It gave us a chance to talk openly about some stuff and it made us feel closer just bydoing that.

The conference wasn’t centered around general ideas, but at specifics in a marriage;focusing on including God in our marriage.

Recognition of sources of conflict and differences and then discussion of practical solutions.

Doing and discussing the projects was really good.

Good advice to use in my marriage to grow more intimate.

The group projects allowed me to get an understanding of my relationship with my wife.

The best part is that it is an opportunity (time set aside) to address items that we wouldn’t normally address. Also you brought the Word into it. Marriage doesn’t work if you don’t use the Bible!

Nice to have marriage discussed by a neutral party that can point out behaviors thatappear in marriage.

Pegs the differences between men and women and how to find oneness in spite of differences by capitalizing on each other’s natural attributes.

Conflict resolved in a Godly way – practical suggestions for differences.

We need to get away to develop more intimacy and transparency.

I need to re-focus myself on my wife.

Accepting the weaknesses as blessings.

Strengths and weaknesses and how God uses them for couples to be one and complete each other.

Conflict is good! The ways to deal with conflict were eye-opening.

Although our marriage has little conflict, these methods to deal with that conflict will help us grow closer together.

That marriages naturally drift toward isolation.

Conflict is good! We are different and we don’t have many problems.

Importance of developing a marriage plan that supports God’s plan.

That seeking God more in your relationship is a must.

I need to be more observant and tuned in to my partner.

Marriage is a joint effort.

It’s always nice to know the problems we are having are common problems and we don’t have the worst marriage in the world.

Most of us face the various issues sooner or later in our marriages and need to work through them.

It is a wonderful experience even if you have a great marriage.

Be prepared to enjoy and learn. It was fun, yet poignant, honest, humbling.

Great way to focus on your relationship and ways to improve it.

Worth the time to really look in yourself.

This is a great conference for people who are serious about their marriage and making it work. It deals with real life issues that we all face.

It is very revealing.

It’s a good chance to reconnect with your spouse.

You learn a lot, and have fun.

All marriages (couples) should come to this conference, no matter how great or how old the marriage is,we all need to be reminded of God’s ideal of marriage.

There is so much about marriage to learn.

It will help them find God’s plan for their marriage.

The workshops will encourage them to be honest and look at their marriage. How informative it is.

It will transform your relationship.

Here’s what Wives say about the Spectacular Marriage conference:

Fun but informative! Projects were really helpful in springboarding deeper discussions.

Real life examples shared and practical applications given.

The projects/discussions with each other on the topics and questions.

I liked the projects that you were able to discuss with your mate because you could truly see how they were thinking and feeling.

It brought up a lot of issues that I have in our own marriage.

Helped me realize that my weaknesses are a gift to him from God.

The conference really helped me realize areas that I necessarily did not think were“problems.”

The humor in the relationship of a husband and wife – it showed me how different weare.

Honestly, truth from the word. The series wasn’t “sugar coated” for the men or the women. Explained each role specifically.

It was fun and enlightening on some levels.

Practical application of God’s principles for marriage.



I enjoyed everything. It was fun and interesting.

He was comical!

Questions revealed issues to confront, but enough humor to diffuse potential explosions.

It reiterated to me that what a great marriage we have and how much fun we’re having!

Hearing Mr. Lankford describe men, women, and marriage and realizing some of our own issues and conflicts are common to other couples.

I loved learning about how differences could be so positive – how to resolve conflict – I like the videos/skits!

The differences in male and female and how we can effectively grow to become more intimate.

To thank God for his weaknesses. That’s why he (my husband) needs me.

The need to have a plan and purpose for our marriage and family and differences and conflict are good.

After many years of marriage, these are still problems (opportunities) to address.

Embrace the differences.

We’re different!


“My mate is not my enemy;” accept their differences and thank God for them instead of dwelling on them.

We need to develop a “plan” for our marriage.

Embracing my spouse’s weaknesses.

The one thing I’ve always struggled with...respecting my husband. I fear letting him lead because I have a problem controlling most things in our lives.

How the situations depicted resembled our marriage and how we’re not alone in conflicts within our marriage.

That I need to communicate more openly and honestly with my spouse.

Weaknesses being a blessing.

We need to be seeking God more in our relationship. How we need to have more fun together as a couple. I thought we were but realize we could do a lot better at our date planning than just dinner!

Crucifying yourself in marriage is painful, we need a plan for our marriage instead of just “living.”

How I really feel about things. What I can do to speak more kindly.

That it brings out real life issues and discusses them.

It’s worth the time and effort to come.

That it was great! Not too long (short sessions) and had pertinent and very helpful information. It’s also nice to see other couples who apparently experience similar issues and conflicts as we do. It’s comforting to know that we aren’t alone!

That I recommend it because it shows you the way to a spectacular marriage.

It’s really fun – great jump start: to building a better marriage or to revive one. Building a better marriage with Christian principles and foundation.

It is definitely worth the time and expense. It was great!

It was very fun and informative – Also very helpful in teaching us to resolve conflict.

It’s a great way to improve and encourage your relationship with God and your spouse.It was fun and great for young couples.

They will receive a blessing and many practical ideas for becoming “one” with their spouse.

To come, they will hear some valuable information.

Try to attend, and have an open mind.

That it has a lot of information, for helping even good marriages be even better.

It’s fun and you take away such good ideas that you can actually use to grow more intimate.

It will really help their marriage be better!