FamilyVision Conferences

FamilyVision offers life-changing conferences, classes, and seminars to help churches with "Building Families, Training Leaders." We conduct events in and through churches, school, and groups. We help churches develop strong family ministries!

Spectacular Marriage -

Why settle for "okay" or "pretty good" or, "I guess this is it" when you can have a Spectacular Marriage! Our Friday night/Saturday conference or weekly series is a great mix of teaching, humor, drama, and husband and wife projects. You can experience real intimacy and oneness in your marriage. You can have a marriage that makes a difference. You can have a Spectacular Marriage!

Husbands say...
"It is a wonderful experience even if you have a great marriage."
"Be prepared to enjoy and learn. It was fun, yet poignant, honest, humbling."
"It's a good chance to reconnect with your spouse."
"This conference will transform your relationship."
"Great information presented in a manner that kept it enjoyable."

Wives say...
"It is definitely worth the time and expense. It was great!"
"Helped me realize that my weaknesses are a gift to him from God."
"Practical application of God's principles for marriage."
"My mate is not my enemy; accept their differences and thank God for them instead of dwelling on them."
"Many practical ideas for becoming'one' with your spouse."

Whether your marriage is solid and growing, or you're just hanging on by your fingernails, we can help. This Friday night/Saturday conference or weekly series is a life-changing experience. We have great news to share with you - you're marriage can be much better, and soon. This conference is encouraging and practical. More info at

The Family Vision Conference

Family unity doesn't come just from living together - it comes from working toward a common Vision. Do you have a Family Vision? Can your children explain it? This Friday night/Saturday conference will help you develop your own Family Vision, AND a Family Plan. You'll learn what a Family Vision is, how to develop your Family Vision, and how to develop a Family Plan. In fact, you will actually leave the conference with the first draft of your Family Vision and Family Plan! I don't know of a better investment you can make in your family (unless it's another one of our conferences). Contact us to sponsor a "Developing a Family Vision" conference in your area

More info!


uLead Teen Conference -

Is your Teen motivated and inspired? Teens become excited about life when life makes sense, and when they are making a real difference - right now! This challenging 2 or 3-day conference helps Teens see the "Big Picture," gives them real leadership training and skills, and shows them how they can make a difference in their family, in their peer group, and in their church - right now! Parental involvement is critically important in this process. We encourage parental attendance, or at least regular interaction with your Teen during and after this conference for maximum benefit.