FamilyVision 2006 Speaking Highlights

July 29th - 30th

August 18th

Grace Brethren Father/Child Retreat, Worthington, OH

Fairfield Christian Marriage Summit, Lancaster, OH

FamilyVision 2005 Speaking Highlights

April 14th

April 15th - 16th

April 20th

July 8th

July 30-31st

Columbia Youth Pastor's Seminar, Columbia, SC

The Call To Lead Men's Conference, Grace Baptist, Augusta, GA

Sweetwater Baptist Family Night, Orlando, FL

Campus Crusade Summer Project, Hampton Beach, NH

Grace Brethren Father/Child Retreat, Worthington, Ohio

FamilyVision 2004 Speaking Highlights

January 15th - 17th

March 25th - 27th

June 18th - 19th

August 6th - 7th

August 20th - 21st

South Carolina Public Policy Conference, Columbia, SC

uLead Teen Conference, Columbus, OH

Keynote speaker, SCHEA Convention, Columbia, SC

FamilyVision Conference, Marysville Christian, Columbus, OH

Spectacular Marriage!, Grace Baptist, Augusta, GA

FamilyVision 2003 Speaking Highlights

August 5th - 10th

October 17th - 18th

TeenPact National Convention, Atlanta, GA

Family Policy Council National Convention, Colorado Springs, CO