Letter From The Founder

Dear Friend,

The greatest need in America today is the need to build strong marriages and families.

We see the effects of strained and broken families everywhere: weak parent-child relationships, divorce, addictions, poverty, and a feeling of being 'lost' and 'disconnected.'

For example, did you know that the leading cause of poverty in America is not lack of education, nor lack of opportunity? The leading cause of poverty in America is fatherless families and broken homes.

The church has shown she is not immune. In spite of an often heroic struggle, the church, by several measurements, is doing no better than the culture around her.

We believe part of the problem is that the church, like the culture, focuses on the individual, rather than the family. We must remember that every individual is part of a family, and a community. We must heal and strengthen family and community if we are to heal and strengthen individuals.

Another challenge is that our goals for Christian families, especially youth, are often far too low. Pastors and parents must say 'no' to some things, but must call people to a life of 'yes!' We must call them to a life of significance and meaning and family and community.

FamilyVision is committed to 'Building Families, Training Leaders.' All our conferences, seminars, and classes are designed to accomplish this:

1. 'The Call to Lead,' a leadership conference for men

2. 'Spectacular Marriage,' for couples who seek a marriage that will inspire their children and others

3. 'Developing a Family Vision' to help families live with a common purpose and plan

4. 'uLead' Conference for Teens, inspiring and equipping them to make a difference in their family, church, and community - right now!

5. FamilyVision / WAHA - innovative, low-cost classes that greatly improve both education quality and the homeschooling experience. We offer both academics and the arts for children ages five through eighteen.

I look forward to speaking with you more about these things. Bring us to your town for a conference, class, or seminar! This is an exciting time. Join us in the battle, won't you?

For the Kingdom,

Gary Lankford
'Building Families, Training Leaders'