Family Vision Conference

A personal note from FamilyVision, and the Lankfords

As a Christian man, you and your lifemate have an incredible opportunity to build a great family - one that honors God, blesses the families around you, and impacts the world for Jesus Christ. Will you? How will you develop your own family vision, make a plan, and then faithfully walk your plan into reality? That's why developed the "Family Vision" conference!

We show you how to develop a vision unique to your family. You'll learn how to develop a realistic plan. And since we incorporate couples projects and small group workshops into the conference time, you will actually leave the conference with a rough draft of a family vision, and the beginnings of a real family plan!

Life seems so busy, so full; it's often hard to focus on the most important things. Too many families look back on their child-raising years with sadness and regret. "What were we thinking?" "Why didn't anyone tell us?" "Oh, if we had only known . . ." Family Vision is a wonderful opportunity for you to look ahead, catch a glimpse of what God can do in your family, and begin making your dream a reality. Our prayer is that you will look back on your family-building years and say, "Oh, God, we are so thankful for what you have done; so thankful for the godly family you raised through us; so thankful that You have been exalted and glorified!" That's our heart's desire for our family, and for yours.

What youíll learn:

1. Godís Purpose for the Family
2. Understanding the Three Seasons of Life
3. Finding Your Unique Family Vision
4. Defending Your Family
5. Building Your Family
6. Planning Your Way
7. Engaging the Culture