What Others Say

"As a youth pastor, I have always appreciated the perspective that Gary has on life and on training young people. He is excited about giving young people the tools they need to make a lasting impact for Christ. Gary has a passion for young people to see life through a Christian worldview. Not only does he have the knowledge base needed to educate others, he has the ability to communicate it in a relevant, helpful, and engaging way. And he practices what he preaches. Gary has made it a priority to train his own children to be leaders."

~ Mike Borst, Youth Pastor, Heritage Christian Church, Ohio

"Gary Lankford is a master communicator and a true role model. He has the rare ability to give messages that are exciting and valuable to young children and adults alike. You will leave his talks both inspired and equipped to serve the Lord wholeheartedly."

~ former TeenPact Associate Director, Shep Pittman, Florida

"There are two kinds of people in this world: men of the times, and men for the times. Gary Lankford is a man for the times, and committed to teaching that vision. I've been privileged to hear Mr. Lankford speak several times, and have come away with a deeper understanding of patterns in American culture, as well as how to bring the lordship of Christ over them. Too often we fail to engage the culture because we don't understand it -- Gary Lankford teaches with the insight, humor, and wisdom to change that."

~ TeenPact Staffer Katherine Peters, Virginia

"I recently heard Mr. Lankford give a talk on Islam, and I was impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge, and sense of humor. He presented the information in an extremely informative way, and I came away feeling that I had learned alot."

~ Student Ryan Howard, Minnesota

"I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Lankford speak at a youth leadership class, and he is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. His passionate message was centered on an extremely important principal -- that we, as Christians, should be constantly striving for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith, in all areas of life. His words sparked the interest of everyone there, and I look forward to hearing him teach again!"

~ Student Eric Lansing, 15, Virginia

"Mr. Gary Lankford spoke at a camp I attended recently. The topic was Islam, and he did a great job of explaining in just a few minutes what Muslims believe, the whole history of Islam in the Middle East, and it's relations to Israel and the Western world. And...he even managed to make all us teens really interested in what he was saying! Now that's leadership! =) But the biggest blessing was the personal note he wrote to me at the end of the week: "You'll be amazed at what God can do - through you!"

~ Student Heather Roach, 18, Alabama

"Mr. Lankford is a man who is a good leader, able to direct others but without being overbearing, giving credit where credit is due. He also is one who looks to the feelings of others and tries to help where needed."

~ TeenPact Staffer Gabe Bratcher, Georgia

"I had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with Gary Lankford through an organization called TeenPact. While attending, I got to hear him talk and share about what God has done in his life. It is amazing how God uses people such as Gary in other's lives. Gary has changed my life tremendously and I hope God keeps using him."

~ Student Ben Clay, 17, Virginia

"Mr. Lankford has inspired me in his teachings, and it is obvious that he is a natural leader. I look forward to listening to him and learning from his teachings and example."

~ Student Jeremy Steckel, 16, Ohio

"For the short time that I have had the pleasure to know Mr. Lankford, I have continually been impressed with his godliness and his ability to inspire students. He has a firm grasp on many different topics, and is an excellent teacher of students. I have sat under him a number of times and have always found the teaching intuitive, interesting, and instructive."

~ TeenPact Staffer Chris Stanton, Virginia

"Mr. Lankford's talk was enjoyable! He made the history of Islam very easy to understand"

~ TeenPact Staffer and Elected Official, Paz Galusha-Luna, Arizona

"I had the privilege of going to one of the [conferences] that Mr. Lankford ran; it was educational and fun at the same time. I loved every moment of it. I am really looking forward to having him teach me again."

~ Student Cody Howe, 15, Ohio