FamilyVision Seminars

Seminar Schedule

FamilyVision offers these seminars and classes to churches and homeschool groups. Please contact us to bring us to your group. All seminars are suitable for both teens and adults, and we encourage families to participate in these together.

Public Speaking

Every Christian student should be trained to "speak the truth in love." Sadly, most are afraid or embarrassed to speak out. We provide solid training in a fun environment. We overcome public speaking fears and give students the confidence to speak clearly and persuasively, whether one-on-one, in small groups, or to a large group. The class is designed for middle school and high school students, but bright 10 and 11 year olds may also participate. Also available to adults!

Politics? Who Cares?

Politics and government policies have a tremendous influence on our culture - the environment the Church ministers in. As the Civil Government has expanded, Church and family government authority has contracted, and personal liberty has been lost. This highly interactive class explains how this happened, how politics and government affect everyday life, and what students and adults can do about it - right now! This is a full, 24 week class, but is also available in a one hour, two hour, half day, and two day format.

Choosing the Right College

The last really important decision a homeschool family makes is deciding where their children should go to college. It's a difficult, complicated decision. Should they go to college at all? What about distance learning? Where does community college fit in? How do you choose the right school? Should Christians necessarily go to a Christian school? How can I prepare my child for the spiritual climate they will face? What about attacks on their faith? We help answer all these questions, and more.

Christian Worldview

Your students are Christian, but do they think like Christians? All the surveys say "no." We're all affected by competing, non-Christian views of God, man, truth, history, and "the good life." Thankfully, the Bible gives clear and ample instruction. Christian Worldview clearly explains the Biblical view, and compares and contrasts Truth with competing worldviews. Every Christian should have a Christian worldview. And it's absolutely critical that students take Christian Worldview before going to college. This is a full, 24 week class, but is also available in a one hour, two hour, half day, and two day format.

Church History

To be an effective leader, you must understand the times. Without a basic grasp of history, Christians have no context, no reference point for understanding the present. This survey of Church history shows the struggles common to Christians in every age, and how the Church succeeded - or failed. This class is not dull, dry facts and quotes. Our interactive approach challenges students to live vicariously through different challenges - and apply those lessons today. Parents will love this class, too.

Economics, Money, and Investing

Taught by a former stockbroker, this class explains the fundamentals of economics and investing. Every American taxpayer and voter should understand these basics. The economics sections uses Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics - A Citizens Guide to the Economy." Sessions include the role of prices, the role of profits and losses, the relationship between business and government, and a look at the national economy. The money and investment section explains risk and reward, as well as understanding stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and basic investment principles. Excellent class for parents to take, as well.

Understanding Islam (and other world religions)

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What are the true teachings of Islam? What is it's historical relationship with Christianity? Can Islam and Christianity ever be at peace? In light of 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq (and soon, Iran) these are important questions that Americans must know the answers to. This seminar answers the questions, and explains what we need to do now.